Toast SEO Shopify App

Boost your articles on top of the search engines with the help of an AI-based writing assistant.
Toast analyzes your text in real-time, featuring a step-by-step checklist you can use to write better articles for Google, Bing and people alike.

Toast SEO Ai Analysis

Ranking on Google just got easier

Toast SEO uses artificial intelligence to help you optimize your blog articles for search engines, all while making sure they’re easy to read.

All you have to do is add a Focus Keyword and start typing. As you lay down your article, Toast analyzes it in real-time and gives you optimization tips.

Besides, you can change your article’s URL Slug, Meta Title, and Meta Description from the same interface.

Once you are done you can click on preview to see exactly how Google will display your article in search results (both on mobile and on desktop)..

Seemless integration with Shopify

Featuring the same text editor as Shopify with the same formatting options, Toast has virtually no learning curve.

The text editor makes it easy for you to release your creativity and make your articles pop with images, videos, and tables.

Easily change the text color, add headers, links or bullet points, all while making sure your articles have the most chances to start ranking on Google and Bing.

Toast SEO Text Editor

Exclusive Early Adopters Community

Toast will be launched early September so hurry up and secure a spot as an early adopter by joining our Facebook group. This is where we post special promo codes and share development updates.