The 7 Principles of Influence for Effective Marketing Campaigns


In marketing and advertising, getting your message across is tricky if you don’t understand human psychology. An effective campaign boils down to 7 principles of influence: Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking Social Proof Unity Reciprocity If you have received something from me, you are “obliged” to give back and return the favor. Think of reciprocity … Read more

7 Headline Formulas that Convert and Sell


The average consumer is inundated with marketing messages every day. Ads, articles, podcasts, products (that we almost never need), and much more. The key difference between a promotion that disappoints and a promotion that sells is the headline. In this article, I’ll talk about the 7 most important headline formulas that you should implement today. … Read more

Are Shopify apps safe?


Shopify apps are safe for your store as long as you install them from the official Shopify App Store. Before an app is actually published on the App Store, it has to go through a complex review process. The Shopify staff will verify the app’s code and check it for bugs. They will make sure … Read more