3 Shopify Bundle Apps to Make More Sales

Everyone’s gotta love those bundles! And – of course, having the perfect Shopify bundle apps to back them up.

Offering bundles is a strong marketing strategy that you can use to sell several products together as a single unit. 

Let’s take a good example. I, as a customer, land on your shop and decide to buy organic pet food for my dog. Upon checkout, the store gives me the option to also buy vitamin water for my dog, for a lower price.

That’s what a bundle is.

It’s often one of the most efficient ways in which you can increase sales, along with upsells.

In this article, I will review 3 Shopify bundle apps that you need to install right now. But first I want to make it clear.

What are the benefits of bundling

Bundles have a lot of benefits for both customers and store owners.

  1. Benefits for customers

A customer buys from you because you satisfy a need or desire. At the same time, customers love it when they get to satisfy multiple desires through one single purchase.

Let’s take our dog food example. Our customer buys this product to address the need of feeding their dog organically. This customer doesn’t only want to buy organic food. They actually appreciate and give value to organic living, healthy eating and the happiness of their dog.

If this customer has multiple needs and wants, then you need to satisfy them. It is extremely convenient to buy both the organic food and vitamin water in one single purchase. 

  1. Benefits for merchants (YOU)

Aside from the obvious benefits that bundles have for customers, bundles also benefit you as a store owner or sales person. After all, you do want to generate more revenue.

Bundles are extremely attractive to customers who benefit from a single purchase of more items. 

When effective, bundles can increase your profits and revenue, but also sales over time. 

Imagine not having a bundle strategy. Your customer buys organic food for their dog, but subconsciously they might feel unsatisfied knowing that maybe they can do more than this for their dog. That’s where you come into play and give them to option to purchase all the items they need from your store.

This increases customer retention. The customer will know they can always come back to your store for those bundles, and there is no way they have to shop at another store.

Efficient bundling strategies in ecommerce

If you want to use digital marketing efficiently to promote your products, you need to know this psychological trick that works 90% of the time.

One efficient way in which you can use bundles to benefit you is to offer less popular products alongside hot-selling items.

Let’s say your vitamin water doesn’t sell that well. You used email marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, but with no luck.

By using vitamin water in your bundles, you can trigger a response from the customer, and make them think that they do need it. 

You’re not only increasing profits, but also selling those low volume items and making the customer happy for having the option to buy more organic stuff.

Best Shopify bundle apps for Amazon aficionados

Frequently Bought Together Top Features

Amazon is the king of ecommerce. So what’s a Shopify merchant got to do?

Obviously, follow Amazon’s best practices when it comes to bundles.

Frequently Bought Together is a full-stack, highly efficient bundle app that allows you to implement Amazon-like recommended products, bundles, upsells and discounts. For instance, your conversion rates will be over the roof (ideally).

This Shopify bundle app analyses all your customers’ previous purchases through advanced processes and algorithms. It automatically gives recommended products that are usually bought together or added to the shopping cart. 

As such, when a customer visits a product page, you can display a bundle of related products they can buy.

Frequently Bought Together is one of my top choices because it brings an Amazon-like feature right into your Shopify store. 

So, let’s dive in to how exactly this Amazon-like feature works:

  • Their AI algorithm is trained through more than 1 billion orders. It analyzes 150,000 Shopify stores and knows what combination produces the highest conversion rate.
  • The use of manual recommendations allows you to create your own product bundles and test yourself to see which combination works best for your customers. I am always an advocate of testing, because what works for a store might not work for another.
  • Randomized products are also good for testing. With Frequently Bought Together, you can show random products if you don’t have enough data for the automatic recommendations.

Why you will love this app

More sales.

As mentioned before, you can’t really fail with a bundle strategy if you implement it correctly. At the same time, you can’t fail if you copy Amazon’s powerful interface.

Amazon is an 800-pound ecommerce gorilla. You simply can’t ignore it. With Frequently Bought Together, you can become a gorilla too.  An Amazon bundle consists of multiple products which can be sold together as a single offering.

These products must be complementary and they must provide convenience to the buyer. Meaning, they should make your customer’s lives easier. 

Moreover, this Shopify app can apply automatic discounts to these bundles. You can essentially use Frequently Bought Together as a discount upselling app too. The merchant can choose between:

  • Percentage discounts;
  • Fixed amount discounts;
  • “Cheapest” item for free or
  • Free Shipping.


When it comes to pricing, you can’t have it better than that.

With only $7.99 per month, you have unlimited number of products to bundle, unlimited orders and traffic. You can also have access to their support team.

The app has 4.9 stars out of 1467 reviews.

Best Shopify bundle apps for a full marketing strategy

Vitals Top Features

Let’s be honest. If you want to have an efficient system of running your ecommerce store, you want as much help as possible from external tools.

That’s where Vitals comes into play, a Shopify app store with more than 40+ apps in one. The choices are unlimited. With Vitals, you can implement:

  • Currency converters;
  • Wheel of fortunes;
  • Product bundles;
  • Volume discounts;
  • Visitor replays;
  • Pre-orders;
  • Facebook pixels;
  • Recent sales notifications and
  • Content protection.

But we are here for the bundles!

With Vitals, you can also create discounted upsells like Amazon’s. Similarly to Frequently Bought Together, you can increase your average order value and sales by motivating your customers to buy in larger quantities and getting unlimited discounts.

Vitals also allows you to implement cross-selling or let your customer pre-order products.


This Shopify Bundle app comes with a standard $29.99 per month pricing.

You have 30 days to try out the app and you can also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you hate it. 

However… If you want all the features Vitals offers, you have the option to pay for each feature separately. Chances are, you will not be using all the apps at once.

For example, their Also Bought Feature comes at a price of $9.99 per month. That’s a great deal considering that you will be paying significantly less than the standard pricing.

Best Shopify bundle apps for “Add to Cart”


Bundle Products and Discounts Top Features

Even in this age of optimizing your sales funnel and checkout process, there is always that friction that comes with buying an item.

In simple terms, friction refers to something or anything that prevents a customer from buying a product.

When it comes to adding a product to cart, you want the process to be as smooth as possible and the offers to be extremely tempting.

Bundle Products and Discounts helps you double your store sales by selling multiple products in one combo when your customers add a product to their carts.

You can use only a single line of code to place your custom bundle anywhere, especially in your add to cart section. The process is extremely easy, as the app allows you to create a page where you list all your custom bundles, and then add them to the cart by just a single click.

Secondly, you can also create a bundle in advance, as a reminder. You can set a start and end date, while the bundle will auto-publish.

Do you want to know why customers will love this? When bundles are displayed next to their cart, the customers understand that the price is lower when they buy those products as bundles. They only need to add them to cart, and boom, they got an awesome deal.

Who else is going to love this feature? Your affiliates, for sure! As part of their due diligence, affiliates want to make sure that if they promote your product, they get profitable. If you want to learn more about affiliates, check out our article on the best referral apps for Shopify.


Bundle Products and Discounts comes at a similar price as Frequently Bought Together. 

What’s included?

You can customize and make use of multiple layout options, so that your branding is in line across all pages of your website. You can have one single product in multiple bundles and even create unlimited bundles for the cheap price of $7.49 per month.

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5, it’s definitely a go-to app for beginners that simply want those sales to go through the roof. 

If you loved our guide, make sure to also check out our best Shopify review apps article. Don’t forget that a good store needs some ingredients to boost conversions – a great offer, an easy-to-use interface and a bunch of great reviews.

Until next time!

Maria Cristina M.
Maria Cristina M.

Maria-Cristina is a Digital Psychologist with 5 years of experience in SEO and conversion rate optimization. She holds an MA thesis on the effects of emotions in written and video content. She loves to spend time near the ocean and watch horror movies.

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