Aftership Alternatives for Shopify Stores

Aftership Alternatives for Shopify Stores

Every Shopify store needs an order tracking app. After all, your clients need to know where their package is.

That makes sense — as a consumer, if you’re waiting for a delivery, you want to know when to expect it.

When it comes to eCommerce order tracking, this can be challenging. If someone makes an order from your website, how do they know if their order has been shipped and when it will be arriving?

One of the apps that helps you with order tracking on Shopify is Aftership. However, you need to do your research when it comes to choosing the perfect app for you.

Let’s jump right into the 4 best Aftership alternatives for your Shopify store.

What is Aftership?

Aftership Order Tracking Shopify

Aftership is an order tracking app that connects with eCommerce stores. It creates a custom order tracking page that clients can use to track their packages.

At the same time, Aftership can be used to set up automated Email and SMS shipment notifications.

How to connect Aftership to Shopify?

The Aftership team created a Shopify App to make it extremely easy for store owners to implement it in their shops.

All you have to do is go to the official Aftership Shopify App and click “Install app”. After that just follow the on-screen instructions and you are done.

Aftership at a glance

Here are a few of the things Aftership can help you with:

  • Supported Carriers – The app works with 700+ couriers worldwide.
  • Customization Options – You can edit the logo and colors of your tracking page.
  • Website and SEO – The tracking page is not hosted on your domain which can affect your SEO but not your website’s speed.
  • Customer Notifications – Aftership allows you to send automatic SMS and email notifications.
  • Cross-sells – You can set up cross-sells on the tracking page.

Aftership pricing

Aftership has different pricing plans as well as a free plan.

Aftership Pricing

Their free plan includes only 50 shipments per month

However, in case you get more orders than you expect, you can always upgrade to the Essentials or Pro plan, and you will be charged a monthly retainer plus $0.8 per extra shipment.

Aftership Alternatives for Order Tracking on Shopify

Here is our list of the best alternatives to Aftership:

Aftership Alternatives – Tracktor Order Tracking

Tracktor Order Tracking Shopify App - Aftership Alternatives

Tracktor is an order tracking app that is simple to use, customizable and fully integrated with ecommerce websites.

Aimed at small to mid-sized businesses selling thousands of products, Tracktor streamlines the entire shipping process which means you’ll spend less time on support and more time selling.

Tracktor can display and monitor your shipment information in real-time from all of the major worldwide shipping carriers including DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, USPS, China Post, China EMS, Airborne, Yanwen Express (YWT & YWA), Hongkong Post (HKP), Singapore Post and Aliexpress.

They’re also adding new carriers every week.

Tracktor Order Tracking Pricing

Tracktor Order Tracking Pricing

Tracktor’s pricing plan starts at just $5.99 per month, plus $0.05 per order, compared to Aftership which charges a standard retainer and only adds pricing per order in the Essentials and Pro plans.

Tracktor Order Tracking Pros and Cons


  • multiple pricing options;
  • order tracking page that blends into your store;
  • a 3D interactive globe that lets you follow your customers’ orders.


  • No upsell recommendations on the basic plan;
  • No free plan;
  • Tracktor also charges you per order, no matter which plan you go for.

Aftership Alternatives – ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro

Parcel Panel Order Tracking Pro - Aftership Alternatives

ParcelPanel provides Shopify store owners with an all-in-one parcel tracking tool to help them track all their shipments across all carriers.

Whether you’re a shipping and logistics expert or just curious about the progress of your order, their custom tracking platform gives you full control over all your packages in one place.

ParcelPanel supports Shopify package tracking for customers and sellers, which allows you to keep your end customers updated on the status of their parcels.

If the order is not directly sent from the Shopify platform, ParcelPanel will transfer your order to Shopify automatically. Once the shipment details are available on Shopify, ParcelPanel will immediately update them to your account.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro Pricing

ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro - Pricing

ParcelPanel allows you to choose a free plan. However, you can only track up to 20 orders per month, compared to Aftership where you can track up to 50.

However, they do not charge you per extra order, unless you have more than 5,000 orders per month. In that case, ParcelPanel can create a custom plan just for your store.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro Pros and Cons


  • multiple pricing options;
  • no extra charge for orders, except for the monthly pricing plan;
  • branded tracking page.


  • Free plan only supports up to 20 orders a month;
  • Quite pricy for beginners.

Aftership Alternatives – EZ Order Tracking

EZ Order Tracking Shopify App - Aftership Alternatives

EZ Order Tracking is a complete order tracking system that allows your customers to track all their orders on one single page.

It’s the perfect solution for almost all online store owners, making it easier for customers to see where their packages are and for you to deliver a great shopping experience.

The app features a responsive design that works on all devices, from smartphones to tablets. It’s compatible with all of the popular shipping carriers and you can set up multiple tracking links for each of them.

EZ Order Tracking Pricing

EZ Order Tracking Pricing

EZ Order Tracking has the most affordable pricing plan, well suited for beginners.

You can track up to 30 order per month for free, and also send up to 90 emails per month, as part of the same plan.

Once you reach more than 30 orders per month, you will be automatically notified and upgraded to the Start, Lite or Plus plans.

EZ Order Tracking Pros and Cons


  • cross-sell and up-sell on your “Order Tracking” page;
  • fully customizable order tracking page;
  • translate your order tracking page in ANY LANGUAGE;
  • lives inside your store (no subdomain);
  • optimized for speed – your customers will get their order details in just a few milliseconds, regardless of the carrier;
  • able to send order tracking emails to your customers (also works with Klaviyo).


  • Free plan only supports up to 30 orders a month;
  • The app supports just more than 100 carriers.

Aftership Alternatives – Track Order

Track Order Shopify App

Track Order is an end-to-end solution that lets you know the status of your order or shipment in real-time and keeps your customer updated with all the information related to their shipment.

The app also enables you to get feedback on how your customers are receiving their shipments via various review options on courier website, app & SMS etc.

Track Order Pricing

Track Order Pricing

Track Order is free to install. However, the prices start from $9.99 per month and include 500 shipments.

You also need to pay for each shipment, with a price of 1 cent/shipment.

Track Order Pros and Cons


  • customizable tracking page;
  • option to hide carrier name;
  • perfect for dropshipping.


  • no free plan, but rather a “free to install” plan;
  • no tracking page hosted on your website.


Unless you own a very small ecommerce business, you will need to set up order tracking software.

At the same time, it would be hard to find a Shopify-based solution that is completely free from bugs or other issues since it’s not created by the platform itself.

Now you have a list of options in order to help you choose what suits your business best.

After reading it, you should have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about the future of your store’s order tracking capability.

Also, make sure you check out the Conversion Apps blog for more Shopify apps reviews!

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