The 3 Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

Email marketing has the power to increase your revenue, improve your business’s image and even enhance your personal brand. It can help you turn leads into customers, but that’s just one part of the picture. Email marketing is an incredibly versatile channel that allows you to connect with (and earn trust from) visitors, customers, and … Read more

How Does Shopify Notify You of a Sale?

How Does the Shopify Notifies You Of A Sale_

Nothing compares to the feeling of having your first sale or knowing that your business is thriving through countless successful orders from your store.  This is the main reason why Shopify sales notifications exist. They track real-time data in order for you to know if you still have enough stock and variants in your store … Read more

Are Shopify apps safe?


Shopify apps are safe for your store as long as you install them from the official Shopify App Store. Before an app is actually published on the App Store, it has to go through a complex review process. The Shopify staff will verify the app’s code and check it for bugs. They will make sure … Read more