Top 3 Shopify SEO Apps to Increase Organic Traffic

If you’ve already launched your Shopify store and want to improve your organic traffic, then these Shopify SEO apps can definitely help you.

Everyone wants to get an advantage over their competition, and one of the best ways to do it is to increase organic traffic/sales.

These days a lot of new store owners have been looking into the Shopify platform for their business as it’s relatively easy to use and has some amazing apps available for all sorts of customizations.

While many have already chosen Shopify, they are still wondering how they can actually improve their SEO and drive more traffic through better search engine optimization.

Luckily there are a few great apps that can help make your life easier when it comes to SEO. In this review, I will cover my top 3 Shopify SEO apps that you could add to your store today!

What can you do on Shopify in terms of SEO?

Digital marketing agencies already know how to optimize Shopify stores. You need a system for marketing that is built around the e-commerce platform rather than force Shopify to fit your pre-defined processes.

With this in mind, every marketer knows that Shopify is limited when it comes to SEO customization. Here are a few examples:

  • no sitemaps for images and videos;
  • uneditable robots.txt files;
  • setting canonical tags;
  • forced URL structures.

However, it never hurts getting a Shopify SEO app that can help you automate some of the on-page optimizations that you can do.

Best Shopify SEO Apps for Landing Pages

Shopify SEO Apps - PageFly

PageFly Landing Page Builder Top Features

PageFly’s responsive Drag & Drop builder gives you full creative control over your site without any coding. Using their intuitive drag & drop page builder allows you to focus on what’s really important.

But how does this help with SEO?

Well, PageFly gives you easy-to-use cloud-based editing and publishing tools to help you produce a professional website fast.

It will be pain-free to add optimized visual content & alt-texts, which in turn can help you be quickly found and ranked through image search – that is, if you target the right keywords.

Why you will love this app

Shopify SEO Apps - PageFly Backend

Well, why wouldn’t you?

The app is extremely user friendly – and I always recommend installing Shopify apps that actually have an easy onboarding process.

The app doesn’t bloat your site either. It is lightweight and doesn’t affect your page speed. Users particularly love the fact that they can easily build a landing page in a few minutes, and focus on the copy and the business instead of development.


Shopify SEO Apps - PageFly Pricing

The PageFly pricing plan is pretty straight forward.

However, if you choose to move forward with this app, I definitely recommend getting at least the Silver plan.

The free plan doesn’t offer that much – it has all the features, but you only have 1 page per page type and limited tracking sessions. Despite this, if you have Google Analytics installed, you shouldn’t have to worry about the in-app analytics.

Just see what works for you!

Best Shopify SEO Apps for Technical SEO

SEO Optimizer Shopify App

SEO Optimizer Top Features

Meta tags, alt texts and schema markup are vital factors in the technical SEO process.

But they are a pain to maintain on Shopify (I know from experience).

They also require you to dig through your theme and backend editor. Some themes do a good job providing a simple interface, but there are too many that don’t.

That’s where SEO Optimizer can definitely help you.

It has a few integrated tools that can help make the technical SEO process smoother. It definitely doesn’t do everything, but that’s because of the limitations of Shopify. Here’s what SEO Optimizer can do:

  • Add alt tags to your images;
  • Optimize your meta tags;
  • SEO Health Score reports sent to your email weekly;
  • Automatic redirects for your broken images or URLs;
  • An autopilot feature that can help you solve technical issues;
  • Image compression – this helps a ton with page speed;
  • Manage Google Snippets;
  • Automatically add JSON-LD to your store
  • URL keyword optimization;
  • Build, maintain and submit your sitemap.


SEO Optimizer Shopify App Pricing

SEO Optimizer comes with two plans: free and $29.88 per month.

Now, is the Pro plan worth it?

SEO Optimizer claims that if you pick the Pro plan, it would save you hours and hours of implementing technical optimizations. Nonetheless…

  1. You can optimize meta tags without having to install an app. You just need to make sure that the titles and descriptions include your target keyword. The meta titles need to have between 55 and 65 characters, while the meta descriptions need to have between 155 and 165 characters.
  2. Not definitely sure what “Auto Pilot SEO Fixes” means, but my guess is that it relates to the automatic redirects for 404 pages. Keep in mind that sometimes, you might not want to redirect those pages right away, but have them customizable and send users to another page.

One great feature included in the Pro plan is the JSONLD schema markup. It’s definitely worth investing in this plan if you’re serious about stepping up your SEO game.

Schema markup can be applied to all sorts of things – FAQs, organizations and even reviews. Don’t forget to check out our guide for the best review apps for Shopify.

Best Shopify SEO Apps for Images

The importance of images in SEO hasled to huge debates over the last years, where we have seen a lot of old tactics being dismissed.

This is partly due to seemingly conflicting advice from Google’s John Mueller, Matt Cutts, and several SEOs who frequent Google’s Webmaster Central help forum.

The advice about the image alt attribute seemed to change over the past few years.

Many agree that the alt attribute is not something that needs to be used unless you need it for screen readers or are marking up images for accessibility reasons.

Nonetheless, I do believe in the importance of optimized images that attract your customers and capture that organic traffic.

Without images, a post cannot be rich in content.

Therefore, if you want to gain traffic on your store, one important thing is to optimize the images for your blog posts and products.

There are several image optimization techniques for achieving this.

Bulk Image Edit Top Features

Bulk Image Edit Shopify SEO App

Bulk Image Edit is a Shopify app that does just that: optimizes your images for the search engines.

There’s no doubt that a lot of the time, image sizes are kind of crazy.

Every time you add an image to your website, you’re contributing to how long it takes for the page to load.

This can be particularly frustrating when using an e-commerce platform like Shopify, where product pages can end up loaded with photos.

If you think this might sound familiar, then you might want to check out this bulk image editing app. Bulk Image Edit is specifically designed for Shopify users, and it’s really easy to use.

Besides page speed, Bulk Image Edit also helps you add alt texts to images.

For example, Apple has recently made some changes to their algorithm, which are positive for small businesses that want to rank their stores fast.

The added benefit of alt text optimization is that most of the major search engines place a weight on the importance of titles and descriptive alt text attributes.

In short, the organic traffic process is now triggered by having a good and distinct title tag together with a well-crafted alt-text.


Bulk Image Edit Shopify SEO App Pricing

Depending on the size of your store, you might want to opt in for the $49.99/month plan. However, keep in mind that sometimes once you optimize images on your products, and those products are never going away, you won’t need to use this app as much.

The most important feature of this app is the alt text optimization. In terms of page speed, you could pay more attention to what images you add to your website and make sure that the file size isn’t too large.

Don’t forget to also check out our guide on the 8 Best Shopify Apps that are essential for a well-functioning store.

Cheers and see you next time!

Maria Cristina M.
Maria Cristina M.

Maria-Cristina is a Digital Psychologist with 5 years of experience in SEO and conversion rate optimization. She holds an MA thesis on the effects of emotions in written and video content. She loves to spend time near the ocean and watch horror movies.

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