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Let your customers track their packages from a mobile ready order tracking page.
Track up to 30 orders per month.
For free.

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Optimized for all screen sizes

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Automagically send email updates

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100+ worldwide carriers suported

Mobile ready order tracking page

EZ Order Tracking provides a best in class mobile experience for your users. No matter the screen size, you can be sure your order tracking page will look great on any device.

Moreover, we created the page with speed in mind. Even if your clients have slow mobile connection, the page will render almost instantly.


Keep your customers in the loop with
Email Notifications

Set up automatic email updates to notify your customers when their order status changes.

EZ Order Tracking Email Settings
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EZ setup, powerful customization

It takes less than 60 seconds to create your own order tracking page.

All you have to do is install the app and activate it.

You can translate every single piece of text in any language from the “Advanced Settings” page.

Over 100+ worldwide carriers supported

EZ Order Tracking - DHL
EZ Order Tracking - FedEx
EZ Order Tracking - UPS
EZ Order Tracking - USPS
EZ Order Tracking - Cainao
EZ Order Tracking - Canada Post
EZ Order Tracking - Deutsche Post
EZ Order Tracking - EMS
EZ Order Tracking - DPD
EZ Order Tracking - PostNL
AI powered built in Cross-Sell
EZ Order Tracking Cross Sell Functionality

Install EZOT from the App Store

Our end goal is to help you grow, so we created a free plan to get you started.

You will get EZ Order Tracking for FREE for up to 30 orders per month, including all features:

– Klaviyo integration;
– Unlimited Cross-Sells;
– Automatic email updates;
– Over 100+ carriers supported;
– 30 orders tracked per month;
– Mobile ready order tracking page;
– Unlimited customizations over your tracking page;

Just click on the button below and install EZ Order Tracking from the official Shopify App Store.

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